Primary Concept

Practically speaking, Seth’s most important concept is that we create our own reality.

“Basically you create your experience through your beliefs about yourself and the nature of reality.  Another way to understand this is to realize that you create your experiences through your expectations.”

(Quote from The Nature of Personal Reality, Session 613, 9/11/72)

This is similar to the approach used in the Law of Attraction (LOA), in that one uses thoughts, beliefs, and imagination to create desired results.  And much of the Seth material can be superficially applied in the same way.  But a crucial difference is that when Seth says we create our own reality, he means that literally.

“The fact is that each of you create your own physical reality; and en masse, you create both the glories and the terrors that exist within your earthly experience.  Until you realize that you are the creators, you will refuse to accept this responsibility.”

(Quote from Seth Speaks, Session 511, 1/21/70)

So the essential difference is that with the LOA, you attract events, but with Seth, you create them.  This is a pretty radical, but extremely powerful concept, one worth considering because of what it implies.

“You are hardly at the mercy of a reality, therefore, that exists apart from yourself, or is thrust upon you.”

(Quote from The Nature of Personal Reality, Session 609, 4/10/72)

“The realization that you form your own reality should be a liberating one.  You are responsible for your successes and your joys.  You can change those areas of your life with which you are less than pleased, but you must take the responsibility for your being.”

(Quote from The Nature of Personal Reality, Session 615, 9/18/72)

Seth uses the word “responsibility” frequently throughout his books.  He doesn’t promise a quick fix or a problem-free life.  Nor is there a simple set of rules to follow.  Instead, he offers hope and practical tools for individuals to take charge and make changes in their lives.  For me, the most practical information in the Seth books, so far, has been related to identifying, understanding, and modifying beliefs.  I am building a brand new belief system for myself, one that is more supportive and life-enhancing than the hodgepodge of old beliefs I had assembled based on information and beliefs from others.  Other people’s beliefs never answered all my questions and never felt quite right for me, which made me feel like a misfit.


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