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Basic List of Seth and Jane Roberts books

Extended List of Seth books and ones by and about Jane Roberts, includes notes by Paul M. Helfrich, Ph.D.



Index for 8 Seth books + 5 Jane Roberts books  by Sue R. Williams

Index for 3 Jane Roberts books (Aspect Psychology ones) by Sue R. Williams (These are also included in the first listed index.)

Index of 11 books (13 volumes) by Susan R. Williams (includes all the main books)

Index of The Early Sessions, Books 1-9 Compiled by Sue R. Williams

Index of The Personal Sessions, Books 1-7 Compiled by Sue R. Williams

Other Downloads:

List of Sessions and where they can be found (pdf download) compiled by Mary Dillman (Her website – Seth Research Project)

ESP Class, Feb 23, 1971 (Published in The Early Class Sessions, Book 3)

A Compilation of Exercises from 8 Seth books